Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Updated Guidelines

Update on the guidelines for our webring, compiled from our thread in Peyups :D thanks to everyone's suggestions!

1. categorization of the blog posts (this is different from the blogger's own blog, her/his posts do not need to be categorized)
a. blog posts can make use of the categories in the peyups forum (ie. computer and technology, arts and literature) for standardization
b. since blogger makes use of labels, the categories in the peyups forum will serve as our labels.
c. more than one labels each post if ever overlapping ang subject ng post.

2. a proposal for theme day or theme week
a. the theme for blog posts (again different from the blogger's own blog posts) will last for either a day or a week
b. the rest of the month , bloggers can blog away, either on their own blog or on the webring but based on the labels (for coherence).
c. a poll suggestion to choose which theme, a month before the actual theme day or theme week.
d. initial ideas for the theme of the day/week: unearthed poetry (post poetry you wrote from long ago), reaction to a discussion thread in peyups, graduation or transition from student life to real world, favorite post from own blog.

3. blog posts rules
a. 500-1000-word limit.
b. English or Tagalog text should be used. Of course, non-English/Tagalog languages are allowed, but only as a addition to English/Tagalog.
c. "authors have the right keep the copyrights of their works to themselves"
d. similar to the scrapbookers' group blog selenakyle has shared, it would also be great to have the author's mini-profile attached to the post.

4. webring mission/vision
a. it can be a feeder to blogs via the compilation of the blogs and their post snippets.
b. it can be bloggers posting on the webring aside from their own blog posts.
c. a little bit of both! :D the phrase creative portal seems fitting. in essence, a gathering of bloggers from UP (one comprehensive list of bloggers) and a unique venue for UP bloggers (the thematic posts from the bloggers).
d. an article with an author's personal opinion does not reflect the Webring, or represents all of its members' idea on a certain topic unless it is clearly stated in the post.
e. it is NOT an extension of a member's personal blog, hence, bawal magbenta, mag-promote ng kung ano-ano, etc.
f. its members/authors should be from UP. that's the only requirement :D

5. miscellaneous
a. basically, there is a universal account for the peyupswebring that peyups bloggers can use to login and post and add their blogs to the webring. this account is peyupswebring@gmail.com. in the future, there will be no need to PM me or jipre for you to be added as an author/admin.
b. for the peyups bloggers, we have: jipre, rdangel, leela, suicidedoll, selenakyle, and me, B-side who now have admin access to the webring.
c. for each post/change made in the webring, please include your name/alias so everyone is updated.
d. we're still growing and in the future, there should be one or a handful of people who has full admin rights.
e. a more catchy name? then possibly promote the webring in peyups via an article in the peyups' homepage if the mods/owners permit.