Saturday, October 3, 2009

Living it up

Two years ago when I started working, I had very big dreams for myself and for my family. We are not rich and somehow that motivated me to strive harder in life. It wasn't easy when I started. Actually, it's really not easy - up to now. But I'm coping. And I'm happy that I have found friends who are willing to help.

My goal was this: at 30, I would have bought my own Honda Civic (I really love this car!), bought either a house and/or condo unit and would have saved up for my early retirement (I really wouldn't like to work until I'm 50.) Seems impossible. But this has been my calling ever since 2004.

At first, you would think that it will take 20 or 30 or more years to be able to accomplish this. You'd be thinking of working abroad because that's the "easiest" way to achieve this. But my mentor offered me a different advice. After listening to him and watching him do it, I realized that there is an alternative solution to this.

I listened to him and as I have said, to other friends who were willing to help me also. Realizing that I can get to my goals gave me the driving force. Everything seems to be a breeze. But it didn't last that long. I've encountered failures. I got rejected many times. It wasn't easy as I have said. I have lost that driving force.

Aside from that, being young and impulsive, I wasn't really focusing on the long term. My goals were short term and middle term. But after two years, and after reaching most of these short and middle term goals, I have no choice but to look for the long term. Say, 10 years from now?

That's what makes me so excited right now. I'm back on track and ready to conquer new heights. I'm more focused and mature than two years ago. I think I am also more equipped mentally and emotionally to accept the challenges that will come my way. That's the spirit. And I believe, after 10 years (or probably even less than that), I would have made it. There's no more turning back.


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