Friday, August 28, 2009

Dark Blue Sky

It was a cold night. The dry leaves rustled as a gentle breeze passed by. The night was eerily silent except for some occasional howls of distant dogs or cry of a midnight bird.

It was a cold, dark night. There was no moon, only stars. Stars shining like cut diamonds polished a hundred, no a thousand times. Like cut diamonds shining against the dark blue sky. The dark blue sky made them shine brighter.

With both hands in my pocket, I looked at the sky. I tried to count the stars. Stupid, I know, but I couldn't think of anything else to do but to count them. And count them I did. Without success of course. As the wind blew, I shivered. Cold as hell, I muttered to myself. I was just in a cotton shirt and walking shorts.

I was at around 150 or 170 when the clouds blocked my view; I forgot what number I was at. The wind blew harder until there was nothing in the sky but the clouds.

I thought it was gonna rain. I hoped that it would but it didn't. I was ready to leave because there were no more stars to count. But I stayed a little longer.

Then another gust of the wind cleared the sky. There were the stars again. Shining like before. Like cut diamonds shining against the dark blue sky. I tried to count them again. With enthusiasm at first, but the enthusiasm waned. Once more I lost count. This time I turned my back.

I walked home with the stars shining behind me. Under the dark blue sky.

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