Monday, August 10, 2009

Meet HardBoiled

My original online moniker is based entirely on my real full name, coined directly out of wordplay. It is a misnomer. My character isn't really as strong as the name suggests, even when I display extremely aggressive behavior on Nonetheless, I think the name is still appropriate for me, if only because I'm always on hot water.

Someone had said that at one point in a person's lifetime, the person had to make a crucial decision that will either make or break his/her future. For me, it happened when I entered college. It took many years for me to realize I chose the wrong decision.

I received the admission letters, I got my student number (98- followed by 5 of the first six counting numbers), I was admitted to my preferred course (BS Math) and I have an offer for a scholarship. The future looked so bright. Just then, a few weeks later, I received another letter, this time for a study grant for Geodetic Eng'g. I dismissed the offer, but my parents noticed it and took it with great interest. 

In the end, I decided to take the GE course, albeit with a bit of hesitation, out of respect for my parents and my own indecision. It initially appeared to be a harmless decision. After all, Eng'g is still a math and science-oriented course, and I can safely say that those were my fields of expertise. 

The first year passed uneventfully. But just when I thought I'm finally settled, my college life had suddenly shifted by 180o. The course took its toll on me by preying on my biggest weakness. GE was a group-oriented course, for which my reclusive personality would be having trouble adjusting to.

It had begun. My status got reduced to various acronyms. It's odd, my adviser noticed the 1's I got for my Math's and Physics, followed by a succession of 5's. I had never recovered. Seven years later, I just gave up the fight. I didn't have a choice. 

* * *
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  1. So what happened? Do you mean you quit UP or nagshift ka to another course?

  2. ang intriguing naman nitong intro mo. hehe. bitin!