Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update to the Peyups Bloggers!

  1. B-side (e=mc^2)
  2. jipre (Gelatin Silver World)
  3. selenakyle (the cat whisperer)
  4. rdangel (trends spotting)
  5. leela (Pinay and money)
  6. suicidedoll (melovesflying)
  7. judz (Anooping and then some)
  8. lateralus (Atheista)
  9. PogingNilalang (conflict of interest)
  10. boomslang (My thoughts exactly)
  11. avalanche (Caffeinated Dreams)
  12. romina (I-Speak)
  13. mars (marsheemarsh)
  14. pendong (ekstrangero)
  15. tqbfjotld (neloblogs)
  16. claudine (of life and an angel)
Welcome to tqbfjotld and claudine, our two new members! New Peyups bloggers can either start contributing to the Peyups Webring in the "theme of the month" after your email address has been included as an author OR have their own blog included in the Peyups Webring. Either way, we're glad to have you in the webring. As an author, you may now start posting your "Meet (name)" or "A day in the life of (name)" as introductions. Post away!


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