Saturday, May 9, 2009

Meet B-side

Hello! I am a graduate of Communication Research back in 2003 and now a graduate student of Sociology, both in UPD. I left the corporate world where I slaved away for five years and I am now a full-time student with some volunteer and part-time work on the side.

I think I am a frustrated writer, hence, blogging became the next best thing. I have had several blogs and never stuck with one probably because I 've never arrived with a solid purpose of why I blog. At present, I blog at e=mc^2 where I finally stopped being incognito, to a certain extent. In this blog, I write about everything that I am involved in and feel strongly about - encompassing film, music, academe, technology, literature in the forms of journal, poetry, essay, etc.

I am an avid consumer of mass media - music, films, technology, audiobooks, the internet. I am OC when it comes to grammar, was never good at procastinating, a bookworm; all in all, a nerd but not in the genius sense of the word. I love eating, swimming and sometimes yields to the deadly sin of vanity.

I joined peyups back in April of 2003 which means I've been posting for six years in that forum already. Wow. Who knew?



  1. "I joined peyups back in April of 2003..."

    i joined peyups bandang late 90s yata o 2001 na. waah! ang saya naman! baka classmate mosa socio friend ko. pm kita. :-)

  2. hi b-side! pareho tayo ng course (but much older batch. do you have a new blog? i believe i linked up your old blog before. ikaw rin yung tori amos fan, right?

  3. yes selenakyle, ito na lang ang blog ko for now. the one in the webring. comres ka rin pala, small world. tori fan din ako! hihihi.