Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meet Leela

Leela is a Journalism graduate from UPD and also has a MBA degree from AGSB. She works as a corporate communication officer for a Filipino multinational company. She is also an avid eBayer.

The nick Leela was taken from a major character in Futurama named Turanga Leela, a cyclopean alien and the captain of the Planet Express Ship. Her former nick is Scully, a major female character from 90s' hit series X-Files. Her basis of choosing nicks is simple: a strong female character that she admires.

Leela is an active member of Peyups (Lord of the Threads) because she loves the anonymity the site provides (and the Internet, in general). She’s a very private person and she really doesn’t like socializing that much (proof: proud orgless siya in college and grad school). Peyups provides her an avenue to talk with other people without the feeling that she has to be friends with everybody. The same is true why she blogs.

She became quite notorious in Peyups in the RIP: Rudy Fernandez thread when she posted that she wished it was Jinggoy who died instead of Daboy. What ensued was a lot of mudslinging thrown at her and blue_spirit had to lock the thread and publicly reprimanded her. The incident affirmed her belief that because of the anonymity that the Net provides, people are more confident in showing their true selves and bringing out their sharp claws and fangs. They say character is what you are in the dark but Leela says character is what you are in the discussion boards. :)


  1. wow, i didn't know about that little notoriety of yours. ;) i do know you from the investment threads. hinanap ko yung daboy thread mukhang wala na. :(

  2. selena, mabuti na din wala na yung thread. over sa comments yung iba, eh. :)