Friday, May 15, 2009

Meet *selenakyle*

The Cat Whisperer - that's how i'm known, both online and offline, and that's why i've picked out a pseudonym from the alterego of one of the best-known cat whisperers in popular culture - Selena Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman, the feline antihero of the Batman-lore.

My 3 year-old blog has a few (and cryptic) references to my personal life, but hopefully, despite this guardedness, others will find readables in subjects I write more often about - interior design, TV, film, music, pop culture, random observations, consumer complaints, ocassional forays into photography, my very vivid, strange and sometimes clairvoyant dreams, and my coming out as an animal rights and environmental activist.

There are, of course, what the blog title suggests, cat whisperings and tales from our house cat, Figaro. Though I may alternate between a Selena and Catwoman personalities from time to time (excluding the manner of dress, which is neither), one thing is constant - I understand cats and I know they'll come to bring me back to life (in one form or another) when that time comes.

selenakyle has been an active peyups poster since 2003 and visible on TV & Movies, Music, Life After UP, Fashion Beauty & Lifestyle, Food & Travel, and Computers & Technology. She graduated from the College of Mass Communication and is currently on what she calls a career hiatus-slash-crossroads (her second, actually). She loves anything remotely creative and has been a yoga convert for a year now.

Read more on my profile and my blog, The Cat Whisperer.


  1. im a blogger and i am from up.
    does that qualify me?..i want to where do i start?..

  2. hi selee! are you also a poster? b-side can add up your blog on our blogroll (which one? i see on your profile that you have two). since you're also on blogger, we can add give you membership rights to this blog so you can post using your own ID.

    details on how to join and contact b-side here.

    then you can begin by posting an introduction of yourself.

    here's an advance welcome, selee!