Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Day in the Life of B-side

Today I woke up before 7am. Usually, I need at least an hour to prepare whenever I go out. Two things that I immediately did when I got out of bed: made sure my brother was awake so we won't be late since we're both headed to Diliman and plugged in the heater which takes around 15 minutes to heat the water. I like warm baths. When I saw that my brother was already awake, I ate breakfast - which is usually oatmeal and bananas because I've stopped eating red meat over a month ago.

Ended up leaving the house at around 830am, not because of too much time spent on applying makeup or blow drying my hair - I rarely use makeup and my haircut's always wash and wear - but because...I'm not really sure; time just seem to fly by when I'm in a hurry.

The usual one hour drive was cut short to 30 minutes because traffic was in a cooperative mood. I arrived five minutes early in class; but not without my brother's errie display of concern before I stepped out of the car - "may hand sanitizier ka na ba? may gask mask, e , facial mask ka ba?"

After one and a half hour with intellectual giant Cynthia Bautista (she was a substitute professor), I spent some time with friends who were also part of the same class while I had my staple sweet corn at FC. We visited a friend's boarding house, had our IDs countersigned at the Main Library, had lunch inside the Beach House while we did some catching up. We parted ways around 1pm and I walked to SC with one of them despite the rain. I had a book alike of Rainer Maria Rilke's 'Letters to a Young Poet' made for my little sister and afterwards, walked to J. P. Laurel to look for the recycling center I read about in Peyups. My search led me to the Solid Waste Management Training Center, a few blocks from Lutong Bahay, and a DVD stall, selling four for P100. My search proved worthy, the men inside the facility were very accommodating and informative; I now plan to donate recyclable materials in the house on a regular basis - not to mention a new source of cheap thrills inside the campus.

I left UP around 2pm and headed to the mall to buy a bottle of Ascorbic Acid brought about by the AH1N1 scare. Originally, I was supposed to meet a consultant from the OPACC (Office of the Presidential Adviser on Climate Change) in the evening for an informal interview as part of my stint in an NGO. I planned on watching "My Fake American Accent" in Robinsons Galleria to pass the time. But we had a change of plans so I headed to SM Fairview. My trip to the mall was a futile search for cheap and lip-friendly pink lipstick (vanity was calling but I ended up not answering), frustrating grocery due to too much commercial products disguising themselves as natural and organic (where does a consumer turn to against synergistic toxicology?), and comfort food from a large mashed potato from KFC. I was at home before 5pm.

Tonight's dinner was steamed plapla with mayo sauce courtesy of Pinoycook. After the evening news, I lounged in front of my laptop - emailed a cancellation of my online classes on Saturday since I have a family event on that day, checked facebook, UPVC, Peyups, my blog and the Peyups Webring, and resumed my torrent downloads. Also had small talk with my brother when he arrived.

It''s now 10pm and I'm still in front of my laptop with the TV on (trivia from the Discovery Channel: jaw muscles are the strongest muscles in our body, our nose inhales 20 billion dust particles and the fastest sneeze recorded was at 110mph). Thursdays and Fridays require no early wake-up call since my classes are in the late afternoon so I have the luxury to just waste away in cyberspace until I fall asleep. That is until the demands of graduate school gain momentum again in the coming days.

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