Tuesday, June 16, 2009

selenakyle: My Life As An Amateur

When I left my 9-to-sawa corporate job months ago, I had a long to-do list for my own fulfillment but what I didn't anticipate was that I'd be stuck on one item for a long time.

Designing our provincial family home remodel was not on my list at all but it was a challenge I just can't say no to. I love doing it, for one. A few years ago I tasked myself with our pied-à-terre in the city and from there considered myself quite an authority on small spaces in my social circle. This time, it's a 5-bedroom/2-bathroom bungalow with dated interiors - a nice opportunity to expand my skill set, as I gear up for a home of my own some day. And so I'm here, detached from my "real life" for a while, oftentimes wondering why I never became an architect when I've begun sketching floor plans in my formative years.

Here then is my typical day, with a disclaimer that it usually starts late because living in the midst of a "construction site" leaves you with minor inconveniences - a disoriented cat that needs to be let out in the middle of the night being one.

7am. Wake up in time for workers to arrive. Leave instructions from previous day's inspection. Eat breakfast, freshen up, and on most days, fall back to sleep.

10am-12nn. Research. Which means reading up on the latest apartmenttherapy posts tuning and tuning in to the Lifestyle Network (House & Home's on everyday at 11am). I constantly need inspiration to avoid the track of a one-trick pony. Check emails from my "client" (i.e., Dad who's abroad) in reply to previous day's updates.

12nn. Lunch and mini-rounds around the house while the workers are on a break.

130pm-5pm. Do stuff: paint pallettes, cabinetry design, space planning, devise solutions to mini-disasters, answer questions, check output and make other decisions. On some days it's time for home depot visits. On other days, it's just letting all information sink in to inspire me.

On days that I'm at home, I'd usually "work" with the following TV shows in the background:
3pm. The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien
4pm. Homes With Style
430pm. Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic

5pm. Workers call it a day, I check the work, take pictures, and send my Dad an email.
6pm. A little pocket of time for yoga or Tracy Anderson. Let the cat in and feed it.
7pm. Nice long bath.
8pm. Dinner.

9pm-12mn. If so needed, check in with my Dad again for urgent instructions. Usually I keep my Mom company while she watches her telenovelas. Watch the news, blog, see what friends are up to on Facebook, chat up with a few, take stock, make to-do lists for next day.

It's a little odd, my slice of life these days, but, it's definitely a nice break from the usual 12-hour workday at the office. Sometimes I wish I get paid for it, but as far as my long to-do list goes, this too merits a checkmark, because (1)The list was all about getting to wear different hats for different periods of time anyways, and an interior designer's is one I'll never get tired of wearing. (2)In the grander scheme of things, I know this has a lot to do with my yet hazy path, and (3)Doing something I love for people I love is always worthwhile.

So, how's your day going?

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