Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update to the Peyups Bloggers!

Isang dosena na tayo! Nice! ^_^ - Thanks rdangel for pointing this out, nadoble ng entry. Ocean's 11 muna tayo, FOR NOW, hehe.
  1. B-side (e=mc^2)
  2. jipre (Gelatin Silver World)
  3. selenakyle (the cat whisperer)
  4. rdangel (trends spotting)
  5. leela (Pinay and money)
  6. suicidedoll (melovesflying)
  7. judz (Anooping and then some)
  8. lateralus (Atheista)
  9. PogingNilalang (conflict of interest)
  10. boomslang (My thoughts exactly)
  11. avalanche (Caffeinated Dreams)


  1. oh no. hahaha. so that means we're still not the dirty dozen. lol. tnx 4 pointing this out.